How to Post Minutes to

1. Navigate to and log in to your account.

2. Hover over the “+ New” button on the top of the screen and click “Post” on the dropdown menu that appears.

New Post

3. Enter the title of the post in the bar that says “Enter title here”. If you are posting the actual minutes, format the title: “Minutes for the General Assembly on [Day of the Week], [Date in the Format M-D-YY]”. If you are posting an explanation of the minutes in a conversational tone, format the title: “Recap of the General Assembly on [Day of the Week], [Date in the Format M-D-YY]” (For example: “Minutes for the General Assembly on Wednesday, 1-25-12”).

4. If you are typing the minutes directly into the website, you can start typing in the field below the title. If you are copying and pasting, click the “HTML” tab before you paste the minutes into the field.

HTML tab

After you click the “HTML” tab and paste the minutes, go through and be sure there are two spaces after every paragraph. The paragraphs do not indent, so it makes it a lot easier to read when there’s an extra space after each paragraph. After you’ve done that, click “Visual” again to get a better idea of what the post will actually look like.

5. To upload an image, place the cursor in the area of the post where you want the image to be placed.

6. Click the “Upload/Insert” button between the title and the post.

Insert Picture

7. Click “Select Files”.

8. Choose the picture you want to upload from your computer.

9. Scroll down and enter a Title for the picture.

Picture Title Alternate Text and Description

Alternate Text is text that will appear when a user hovers over the image, the Caption will appear under the image in the post, and the Description is used to help search engines determine what the image is. It makes the website more visible to search engines if we fill out at least a Title, Alternate Text, and Description for each image we upload. The Caption is not necessary, unless you want to use it. The Link URL is where the user is taken when they click the image. It’s automatically set to a copy of the image, so you don’t have to change that unless you specifically want to.

10. After you have selected the alignment and the size of the image, you can click “Insert into Post” to put the image in the post. But, you may want to click “Use as featured image” before you do.

The featured image is the image that will be used when the post is on the front page. It is important that every post has a featured image, even if the image is not used in the post. If you are in the process of inserting a photo into a post, making that photo the featured image is easy. You just have to click “Use as featured image” before you press the “Insert into Post” button right next to it.

12. To set a featured image for a post that doesn’t have an image, scroll all the way to the bottom right of the screen and click “Set featured image”.

Set Featured Image

13. Click “Select Files”.

14. Choose the picture you want to upload from your computer.

15. Scroll down and enter a Title, Alternate Text, and Description for the picture.

16. Click “Use as featured image” next to “Insert into Post”.

17. Close the image box by pressing the “x” on the top right.

Close Image Box

18. Choose a Category for the post. For minutes, we use “General Assembly”. This also helps search engines find us.

Post Categories

19. Under the Tags header click “Choose from the most used tags”. A list of tags will appear below.

Post Tags

Click all the tags that apply. Usually include: general assembly, minutes, occupy, occupy baton rouge, occupybr, and occupy wall street for all of the recaps and minutes that you post. You can also include new tags that haven’t been used yet by typing them into the field and clicking “Add”. Again, this is to help search engines find the site better.

20. On the top right corner of the screen, under the Publish header, click “Edit” next to “Publish immediately”.

Change Publish Date

21. Change the date to the date that the General Assembly you are posting the minutes for took place. This makes it so the calendar on the right sidebar of the webpage has links to the minutes on the dates of the General Assemblies instead of on the dates the minutes were published.

22. Click “Preview” under the Publish header.

Preview Post

A preview of what the post will look like will pop up in another window. You can be sure that the formatting looks good on the website and do any edits on the post as needed.

23. Click “Publish” under the Publish header.

Publish Post

24. That’s it. Click “View post” under Edit Post to go to the page.

View Post

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