Minutes Saturday GA 12-29-12

January 2, 2013 in General Assembly by Courtsnack

Minutes: Courtney G

1) Occupy Our Homes: This was brought up and was given a positive temperature check. We need more information regarding this before any actions are taken.

2) MLK Day: We want to be involved. We need more contacts with organizers of the event on January 21st. Courtney will ask Fini and follow up with Lee-Ann on local NAACP. We need to be prepared. We will make another “I have a dream” banner and a large banner to carry at the March.

3) Sinkhole: The sinkhole is getting worse and trees are floating back up.

4) Exxon: Ms. — spoke how Exxon is polluting her community in the Chippewa area. She handed out a sheet explaining the pollutants.

5) Spanish Town Parade: It is too late to apply for our own float. We need to contact one of the members/organizers of the Association and see if we can join somebody else’s float or walk in front of one. Shaun will contact Ward and see about the logistics of this.

- Ms. — will contact the Bucket Brigade and inquire on Spanish Town Participation.

6) Our Working Group meeting will take place this Wednesday (1/2/2013) 7pm, at a Members’ Home. This Meeting will focus on our Radio Show, MLK Day, and our upcoming Movie Night featuring the “New Jim Crow Laws”. If interested, please e-mail us at occupybatonrouge@gmail.com for directions.


We need anybody who is participating r incontact with those who are doing so in MLK Day to contact us so we can help out and particpate

We need anybody who is a member of Spanish Town or in contact with a member to find out the process of participating in the Spanish Town Parade for OBR

We need to learn more about “Occupy Our Homes”

We need LSU students who are interested in Occupy at LSU CLub to take the Officer Training through Moodle to contact us so we can get started.

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