Minutes Saturday GA 9-22-12

September 25, 2012 in General Assembly by Courtsnack

Facilitator: Shaun


Minutes: Courtney

We began by discussing the trip to NYC for S17 (Anniversary of Occupy Wall St.). We passed around flyers and other things collected from the trip.

Working Group Updates:

  • Student WG: we still need the signees to do the online training through moodle. If we don’t get them soon, it was discussed that we might redo our application with different signees in order to speed up the app process.
  • Legislative Action WG: David will contact the legislatures again. There was a halt to the action due to Hurricane Isaac.

Individual Concerns:

  • Leanne will write up a welcome sheet for newcomers.
  • OBR Anniversary/Birthday is approaching (October 22nd!). We discussed possibly holding a politicallt themed costume party b/c it’s so close to Halloween. Shaun will contact a venue for possibly holding this event and know more details this Saturday.
  • OBR needs to focus on more civil disobedience and direct action geared towards a smaller number of participants. We now have a great source for this kind of info.
  • We need to approach newcomers differently. While engaging them and allowing them to speak we need to make sure we don’t overwhelm them and allow for them to just observe. We will hand out a welcome sheet and introduce ourselves, let them ome to us a bit more.
  • Robert will contact a Spanish Town Parade coordinator and see about OBR attending for Mardi Gras next year.
  • The idea was brought up for a “Where is Jindal” Action geared towards his many disappearances across the nation. This was well recieved and will be brought up again at the next GA.

If any students are interested in starting an Occupy Group/Club in Baton Rouge (Southern, LSU, BRCC, etc) please contact us and let us know! If you would like to be added to our e-mail list or are interested in the above mentioned, please email us at occupybatonrouge@gmail.com and like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/OccupyBR.

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