Minutes Saturday GA 8-25-12

September 23, 2012 in General Assembly by Courtsnack


Stack: Shaun

Minutes: Courtney G

Working Group Updates:

Legislative Action WG: Spoke with Staffers for all three legislatures and is waiting on responses for setting up meetings (Vitter, Landrieu, & Cassidy).

We discussed the OWS Teach-in that was scheduled, but due to Hurricane Isaac, it has been rescheduled to a later time this Fall

OBR Focus:

  • We had mentioned last week (8-18-12) that we needed a focus for OBR, and decided to do an official vote the following week as long as we had a quorum (8-25-12).
  • We spent a lot of time discussing this issue and everyone said their piece. It was difficult to come up with a consensus on the issue but after some time we worked it out and officially voted in favor (with 2 abstaining) of this proposal:

The influence of money will be our (OBR) main focus. This is the main focus until otherwise determined. This will not limit our ability to create minor foci or another main focus down the road.

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