Minutes Saturday GA 8-18-12

August 19, 2012 in General Assembly by Courtsnack

Facilitator: Masa

Stack: David

Minutes: Courtney G

Working Group updates:

Occupy at LSU & Community Outreach: All of the paperwork has been finished and our constitution has been written. We only need 2 more full-time students to finish the Officer Training online through Moodle which is due this Saturday Aug. 25th. We must be registered for the Club Fair by Aug. 29th! The Club Fair is September 5th! At our next meeting (Monday, 8/20/12, Highland Coffee) we will design a display for the Club fair and the flyer for the first Occupy at LSU GA scheduled for September 12th. We will also go through the logistics for the event and get everything prepared for our next meeting in which will create the display and flyers.

Legislative Action: It has been proposed and voted in favor for setting up a group meeting with all of our State Legislators (separately). It was proposed that we should approach the legislators in an inquiring manner. We should ask questions with the intent of educating ourselves on how they feel. We will hold a mock meeting before hand. We have sent out one invitation and David will be sending out the rest ASAP. It was also proposed that we will hold similar meetings with local politicians after these meetings.

Communication: We will be working on better communicating between ourselves and the community. We need somebody with computer skills to help us.


  • We discussed the importance of created a focus for OBR. This is a common criticism on the movement as a whole and even locally. Many feel that this issue needs to be resolved so we can move forward. We all voted that we will vote at our next GA on whether the influence of money in politics will be our main focus within OBR. No matter what happens, as long as we have a quorum (5+ people) this will be voted upon! So please make sure that you attend our next GA!!! If the vote does not pass, we will create our mission statement at our following GA. This proposal will CHANGE OBR and it is very important that everyone’s voice is heard.


  • Next Monday (August 27th) at a soon to be determined time and place, two people from OWS (Occupy Wall St.) will be in town to hold a teach-in. We need to find a place for this event to be held ASAP. We do have a last resort, but any offers are welcome. Details will be worked out soon!
  • We need everybody that can make it, to attend our next GA, Saturday August 25th in the Capitol Park near the front steps (in case of rain will move within the House Chambers in the Capitol). Rain or shine, this GA will happen, and a decision will be made on our proposal. We want everyone’s voice heard!


Minutes Wednesday GA 8-8-12

August 8, 2012 in General Assembly, Uncategorized by Courtsnack

Facilitator: Leanne

Stack: Fini

Minutes: Courtney G

Working Group updates:

Occupy at LSU: We have the required amount of signatures needed and much of the paperwork done that is needed to start this organization. We need a constitution written and approved ASAP. We also need to contact Campus Life at LSU and find out when the Club Training begins.

OBR Strategy: Everyone needs to write up a mock proposal of where they want OBR to go from here and how. We will meet up again and go over all of these to form a cohesive and collaborative Strategy for our future.

Occupy BR: Community Outreach: We will be holding a meeting this Wednesday at 6pm (a location still needs to be decided at Saturday’s GA) on OBR’s outreach attempts. We need to decide where we need to outreach the most and how to go about doing this.


  • We discussed that now is the time to reach out to our legislator’s now that they are no longer in session. It was proposed that rather than meeting privately with our legislator’s, we (OBR) as a group should hold a public meeting with them to discuss some topics which will be determined at a later time. Due to the absence of some of our key members, we decided to take a straw vote in which all voted in approval. This proposal will be tabled until Saturday’s GA in which we will make a final decision.
  • We discussed the pro’s and con’s of changing our Wednesday GA into a time alloted towards Working Group Meetings. This was voted on and everyone in attendance voted in approval.


Note: We have changed our General Assemblies from a bi-weekly meeting into a once a week meeting. Wednesday will no longer be a General Assembly, but instead shall be a time for Working Groups to meet. These meetings will take place at 6pm but the locations will change. Our once a week General Assembly will still occur every Saturday at noon in front of the State Capitol. In case of inclement weather, our GA will be moved inside the State Capitol into the House Chambers.