Occupy Baton Rouge presents a Dialogue on Democracy & July 4th Celebration

June 23, 2012 in Events by CourtneyHorne


On July 4th from 2-5 pm Occupy Baton Rouge would like you to join us on the Capitol steps to talk about our democracy. We will have speakers and time for discussion of both the ways our democracy works and the things we believe could be done to fix the problems in it. Of particular focus will be the topic of the effect of money on politics. We are seeking people who want to give presentations on the topic of our democracy either as an individual or for an organization they work with.  If you are interested in speaking, please email us at OccupyBatonRouge@gmail.com . If you are not interested in giving prepared remarks, there will be some time for off the cuff speaking during the event. We welcome everyone to come out and join us to talk about and celebrate our democracy.


Update (6-26): Represents of both Common Cause and the Tea Party will be participating in a panel discussion with Occupy Baton Rouge participants as part of this event.


Update (7-1): Official Press Release

Dialogue on Democracy

Can They Find Common Ground?

Occupy Baton Rouge will be presenting “A Dialogue on Democracy” on the Capitol steps on July 4th from 2-5 p.m..  The dialogue will feature a panel discussion between Occupy Baton Rouge, Common Cause, and the Tea Party on the problems facing our democracy in an effort to find common ground.  We will also have also invited speakers from multiple organizations to discuss some of their specific legislative issues.

Occupy Wall St. was started partially in response to the functioning of our democracy and the perceived corruption of the legislative process.  It has created a grassroots movement encompassing groups in almost every major city in America.  Occupy Baton Rouge is a local group that agrees with the message of Occupy Wall St.

Common Cause is a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen’s lobbying organization promoting open, honest and accountable government.  They are also concerned with the influence of money on the political process.  Common Cause Louisiana has worked to make Louisiana’s government more open, ethical, and accessible.

The Tea Party was partially a response to the perception of a government unresponsive to its people.  The People, LLC’s goal is to ensure all laws and regulations fall within the confines of the Constitution; and, the rights of every citizen are protected.

To learn more please go to http://occupybr.com/ or email OccupyBatonRouge@gmail.com.