GA Minutes Saturday Feb. 11th Noon Capitol Building

February 11, 2012 in Uncategorized by Chemel

Shaun H. -Moderator

Courtney G. -Stack

Chris C.- Minutes

No introduction.

No coverage of Occupy news. 

Overview of old news/current events:

Spanish Town Parage


Replied to Didier (OBR email request for Occupy history)

Replied to Rachel @ The Drum/Southern (Questions on OBR diversity)

Occupy Bus Updates

New Items/Events:

Frank working with Headstart program. Explains contacts and information with local education.

The newsletter and recent history was discussed. Previous decisions were shared with the present members.

David K proposed that OBR adopts a promotion of a proposed constitutional amendment as a central goal.

+David provided handouts outlining ideals of the proposal.

+ Extended discussion about proposal

+Voted on the following proposal:

 A central goal of OBR is to take action to amend the constitution to exclude money from being considered free speech. 

+Vote passed 10-0 in favor of the proposal. The present and voting members of OBR stated that final amendment proposals and long term actions are still to be discussed and voted upon.

++ The amendment will also be expressed in common terms for a wider understanding

++BR focused community projects will still be a focus of OBR for continual social improvements.

Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade discussed. 4 of the present members were confirmed attendees.

Event information to be distributed to all contacts. Follow up on Wed GA on attendance and actions.

GA Concluded.



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