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Minutes 2-22-12

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Facilitator-All present


Stack- None


No introductions

No news updates

OBR did not make an appearance at the Spanishtown MG parade. Only two OBR members showed up, not enough to have desired affect.  The heavy rain preventing others from showing up, parade itself was lightly attended by non-parade members.

Newsletter Updates- OBR GA voted to have B. Perkins respond to the Online Media Legal Network, a lawyer group focused on movements like ours, willing to help pro-bono. Asked for OBR to respond to them tomorrow or Friday. If Bryan can’t respond Craig or Chris will, only B. Perkins was voted on. Continue to send articles for TPA to publish.

Art show updated-still occurring, many artists and musicians in attendance, date set around May 1st.

Occupy CATS-  Leanne brought several fliers to post to community boards at restaurants, classrooms, work places. OBR to continue to occupy the CATS system to help spread information about the April 21at vote to keep public transportation in BR. Next OBR CATS day is March 1st 8AM @ the Bus Terminal on Florida.

Large statewide rally to occur in BR when the state legislatures are to return to work. OBR would like to be there to speak with house/senate reps. More details being worked out






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GA Minutes Saturday Feb. 11th Noon Capitol Building

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Shaun H. -Moderator

Courtney G. -Stack

Chris C.- Minutes

No introduction.

No coverage of Occupy news. 

Overview of old news/current events:

Spanish Town Parage


Replied to Didier (OBR email request for Occupy history)

Replied to Rachel @ The Drum/Southern (Questions on OBR diversity)

Occupy Bus Updates

New Items/Events:

Frank working with Headstart program. Explains contacts and information with local education.

The newsletter and recent history was discussed. Previous decisions were shared with the present members.

David K proposed that OBR adopts a promotion of a proposed constitutional amendment as a central goal.

+David provided handouts outlining ideals of the proposal.

+ Extended discussion about proposal

+Voted on the following proposal:

 A central goal of OBR is to take action to amend the constitution to exclude money from being considered free speech. 

+Vote passed 10-0 in favor of the proposal. The present and voting members of OBR stated that final amendment proposals and long term actions are still to be discussed and voted upon.

++ The amendment will also be expressed in common terms for a wider understanding

++BR focused community projects will still be a focus of OBR for continual social improvements.

Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade discussed. 4 of the present members were confirmed attendees.

Event information to be distributed to all contacts. Follow up on Wed GA on attendance and actions.

GA Concluded.