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January 22, 2012 in InterOccupy by CourtneyHorne

We recently got an email from an inter-occupy group about the role of women in occupy. I thought it would be good to make it available since it contains information on how to get involved with their interoccupy efforts.

Hey Occupy Baton Rouge,

Over the amazing months since Occupy Wall Street started and mushroomed to cities around the globe, it has become clear that a space for the women ofOccupy to share stories, best practices, ideas and frustrations and organize creative actions across cities would be awesome. We are working to create such a space and we need you.

Is there a women’s or safer spaces working group/committee at Occupy Baton Rouge? Are there women organizers that would be interested in being part of this conversation across state borders, by a new email listerv, a new website forum (see, and/or conference call?  Can you forward this to them?

We have an opportunity to vision together, learn from each other and create some surprising and effective actions while nurturing ourselves and bringing leadership and empowerment to the communities of Occupy around the world. We’re hoping to come together to create an action plan for International Women’s Day, March 8, 2012.  

If you or others you know are interested please hit reply.  Hope to be in touch!

Also you can stay posted on this community by signing up here and following @womenows and @womenoccupy!

Nancy Mancias

Women Occupy Listserv FAQ

·      Do I have to identify as a woman to join?
Nope! The group is open to anyone interested in organizing from a feminist/collective liberation perspective

·      Can I invite others to join?
Please do! In order to keep the email traffic low and the conversations relevant, this is intended as a place for organizers to connect. Ideally we’ll set up a second list for people who are less interested in organizing but still want to know what we’re up to and when to show up. (? link to sign up?)

·      Who’s part of this community?
A bunch of rad organizers like yourself, from many different groups and occupyactions across the country. Some have been working specifically around gender issues and some not – what unites us is our commitment to confronting patriarchy, heterosexism, and transphobia within and as a movement.

- Who created this list?
A bunch of organizers from CODEPINK - Melanie, Jodie, Nancy, Janet and Rae – who were fielding a lot of questions from women occupiers and people whowanted to be involved in the occupy movement but were having a hard time finding their way in.

- This sounds interesting, but I already get too many emails – what do I do?
Filter it! Set up a folder so you can join the conversation on your own terms, when you feel like it.  And help make this list a useful, energizing place to be.

Or, if you don’t want to be part of the organizing, sign up for periodic updates and to be part of the broader Women Occupy community here.(

·      How can I contribute to building this community?
As founding members of this movement-wide community, we all share responsibility for co-creating and maintaining a respectful and participatory space. Step up when you have something to share, when you see needs going unmet, or if you experience someone violating the ground rules of the group. Consider stepping back if you find yourself wanting to criticize someone else’s ideas without offering constructive feedback.

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