Inter-Occupy Women of Occupy Project

January 22, 2012 in InterOccupy by CourtneyHorne

We recently got an email from an inter-occupy group about the role of women in occupy. I thought it would be good to make it available since it contains information on how to get involved with their interoccupy efforts.

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by Bryan

The People’s [Censored]: Issue 1, January 2012

January 22, 2012 in The People's [Censored] by Bryan

This post has been censored by your corporate overlords. Free press you say? Ha!

Edit: The issue is back up. It’s still censored, but all the pertinent information is there. Enjoy.


The People’s [Censored] is a publication produced by participants in Occupy Ba-ton Rouge. The People’s [Censored] does not—and could not—represent any-one except its participants. We are in no way affiliated with the [Censored] or their corporate overlords Capitol City Press. The views of the authors are their own.