Minutes for the General Assembly on Saturday, 1-21-12

January 21, 2012 in General Assembly by Bryan

On January 21, 2012 Occupy Baton Rouge held our twenty-fifth General Assembly. The minutes follow:

Leann- Facilitator
Chris- Minutes
David – Stack

Obama reject the keystone XL pipeline as proposed
PIPA/SOPA withdrew –Discussion on this issue and further bills
Occupy the Courts occurred yesterday and today
Occupy Portland is shutting down port-noon union labor trying to shut down 80% shipments of grain
OP has an occupier running for mayor
San D. made it to NYC last night, after kicked off from bus for being an Occupy member-bus driver fired

Occupy Vision today during OBR is occurring


Previous Minutes
+Occupy CATS
+Something for the Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster
+Shreveport- Protest against pajama issues
+Discussed news letter

Sophie-Anti Bullying bill
-LGBT-Request help of OBR –proposed on M12

Allen- free radio software, email
Sophie- Getting Mic
Shaun- Starting recording show
OBR Volunteer- Add link to WHRY 96.9-Chemel

CATS issue—Occupy the Bus
J.D. Created Facebook Occupy CATS page
Working group to be created today
Together BR-Agreed to teach OBR about CATS issue
–July is end of CATs-April 21st property tax vote
Kira emailed CATS to inform them they have OBR support-emailed today
Proposed EBRPL for meeting, after a Saturday
Sophie to email together BR and LAPL ideal of 2PM

$ Working Group
Tax ID obtained, just need to take printed minutes to the Credit Union
Need to state who the officers are-Campus Federal Credit Union
After GA today $Working group will meet

Nothing new-getting final edits, will be sent out today

Team Speak test

Allen and J.D to test it out later today

Art Group
Proceeds donated to charity
Trafficking Hope, Ocean Cleanup/Conservation (BP oil spill), youth and art (unknown contact)
Creating call to action flier-Need when/where/charity
Need to create email
Suggestions to take half for charity/OBR-Seems to cover cost at least

Spanish Town
Shaun submitted application to be in SPLL then to get into the Spanish town parade

Gen Announcement
EBRPSS- Superintendant interviews Monday 3:30P
More information coming on the where and settings, will post on FB-

NAACP Monthly Meeting coming up this Monday. It is the fourth Monday of every month at 6:00pm. Sophia has the location information.

Occupy Homes
Gain more information on the OFHs
Anthony 612-327-9453
Will post more information on the Working group page
Allen-Kira-to be added

Town Hall Meeting Questions
Is there anything about capitalism worth keeping?
What kind of system should we have?
Should economy be regulated?
Should the gov provide basic needs of its citizens?
Does change have to be gradual? Can it be sudden?
If we pursuit reform, should the first step be get money out of politics?
Are radicals and reformists at opposition?
Shaun to put it on the FB site for us to take care of individually-Over in 4 days

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