Minutes for the General Assembly on Saturday, 1-7-12

January 7, 2012 in General Assembly by Bryan

On January 7, 2012 Occupy Baton Rouge held our twenty-first General Assembly. The minutes follow:

Review of the previous minutes.
Reference previous minutes

Working group updates.

MLK day
Again, MLK day march starting at Mt. Zion. There is the possibilities of us giving a speech, possibly
having a MLK’s Vietnam speech. MLK day banners are done or almost done. We have more shirts. Sofi
is recontacting them about doing people’s mike for MLK’s Vietnam speech. Someone also needs to
contact them about doing a wooden stand memorial honor the fact that one of the first bus boycotts
started in Baton Rouge. We also need to contact them about using the people’s mic for MLK day

Finance working group
It’s really easy to get a tax id. You just have to specify “community volunteer organization.” It’s really
good for us, and is just to get a bank account and tax i.d. There still has to be one “responsible” person.

Takes two people to sign for any amount over 50 bucks. David Kirchner is still trying to get in contact
with David Brown our lawyer. When money comes into account taxes need to be paid on it. We need
to figure out if there is also legal accountability for occupy accrued for being related to occupy. Dave
Kirchner needs to know if he’ll be legal for prosecution if he puts his name down and occupy gets in
trouble. According to Dave Brown there is no legal responsibility for being the “responsible person” for
the bank account and tax i.d. There is also no liability for sign off on the minutes to prove that we have
meetings. David Brown doesn’t think litigators would go after officers/secretaries. The idea was raised
that everybody could sign the minutes.

Newsletters working group
We need articles for next Saturday’s GA. Need about 5 to 6 articles. We currently have 2 or 3. There
was a brain storming session about what to write about. Ideas that were voiced were the Keystone
XL pipeline, fracking, why a leaderless consensus based movement?, a constitutional amendment
removing corporate personhood, and political cartoons.

MLK working group makes memorial for bus boycott. Also, work on t-shirts and I have a dream wall
today. Proposal accepted.

Nathan proposed we do something about funding of prison instead of CATs system after further
research. Proposal accepted.

Kiera will coordinate Occupy Artshow/ Occupy the Arts. Kyle Bryan, Sofi, Courtney (Horne), Courtney
(George), and Shaun were interested. Proposal accepted.

Labor council outreach. David McLaughlin will contact Mike Day, Ernest, and the AFL-CIO secretary and
ask if they have any events (demonstrations, picket lines, marches, etc.) that we could help them with.
Proposal accepted.

Attend Jindal inauguration. Jan 9th, starts at 11:20am. Jindal is inaugurated at noon. Proposal tabled
due to lack of people that could attend.

Reminders and annoucnements
-We need to plan for the anniversary of the BP oil spill.
-Occupy Artshow
-CATS system (voting on tax to support it)
-Bruce and Jackie are doing advocacy for disabled people
-City ordinance to limit fast food chains

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