Minutes for the General Assembly on Wednesday, 1-4-12

January 4, 2012 in General Assembly by Bryan

On January 4, 2012 Occupy Baton Rouge held our twentieth General Assembly.

In D.C. on January 17th, 2011 a lot of people from different occupations are showing up at Washington
D.C. for a national Occupy Congress. According to Jaypeth, Occupy New Orleans had quite their share
of problems. Jaypeth Dupei thinks we’re more organized than Occupy NOLA. Nathan has a friend who
is bringing us a large quantity of Occupy Wallstreet Journals.

Previous minutes
We discussed what we’re doing for Occupy MLK day. Outreach today after GA. No new news on the
radio show. We’re still trying to get a show on 96.9 community radio. Mike Day (or is it DeDay?) is
asking for more people to interview now. It would be nice if he had new people for the interviews, so if
you’d like to be interviewed and haven’t been so far, please join up.

Working group updates
MLK day working group.
The best price Bryan found for MLK day t-shirts was 55 shirts for 200 dollars. He found that online.
Dave McLaughlin will print flyers (around 200). Ask for Bryan’s flyer when you email him. NAACP is
organizing the MLK day parade. Sofi is calling the organizer of the parade. Someone else can hound him
about getting in the parade if you want. We need more gray shirts. Vicky is gonna see if it’s possible to
take the embroidery out of the grey apple shirts she has. We can still purchase more grey shirts from
thrift stores. We need to do something with a banner. We’re probably just making a banner out of a
bedsheet and wood poles. Also, we have 5 stencils now for t-shirts. MLK working group needs to meet
after the meeting with Courtney to figure out getting shirt supplies.

Occupy LSU working group
There is officer training on January 22nd in order to get an organization started. Jaypeth needs to add
Jan 22nd to the calendar on the website.

Media working group
Jaypeth needs more people to live-stream. Also, currently there are two people running the website
now and Jaypeth needs more people. Jaypeth needs a wordpress help document specific to our site.
Also, he reiterated that Mike Day needs more people to interview.

Newsletter working group
The newsletter will be called The People’s Advocate. There is a facebook group for the people’s
advocate. Email: occupyBRnewsletter@gmail.com. Ben, Dave, and Loko are interested in writing for
it. Let Bryan know.

New proposals
Proposal to rent a team speak server. It is a VOIP program you can put on your computer. You can get a
free server with up to 520 slots. Jaypeth is looking into doing something like this for free.

Shaun is proposing people get on Occupy BR’s google voice. We need a constant phone line where
people can call us. We have a phone setup. The idea is that people can us through this phone about

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