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Site Update

January 28, 2012 in News by Chemel


Hello BR Occupiers!

Three new additions have been added to the site. A recommended reading page, a page with links to news sites that report on issues that get little or no coverage on corporate news channels, and a Voter Registration page.

Coming Soon:

Blogs from BR Occupiers

OBR audio news Clips

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Minutes for the General Assembly on Wednesday, 1-25-12

January 25, 2012 in General Assembly by Bryan

On January 25, 2012 Occupy Baton Rouge held our twenty-sixth General Assembly. The minutes follow:

Facilitator: Kira, Stack: Allen, Minutes: Bryan

News and Updates:

The State of the Union address was yesterday. Obama announced a federal investigation of wall street crimes. He also called on congress to put a bill making congressional insider trading illegal. Finally, he talked about taxing millionaires more, paying further lip service to the occupy movement.

SOPA and PIPA are alive again with ACTA. Make sure to read some information on it.

Mitt Romney revealed his tax documents and he paid a 13.6% tax rate over the last two years.

The one year anniversary of the Egyptian revolution finds Egyptians dissatisfied with the state of their government and calling on continued protests against the military led government.

Jindal released his education plan and it contains pretty much what you would expect: Charter schools and choices for wealthy parents while relegating the poor to stay in public schools which continue to lose funding.

On Thursday at 3 o’clock at the Shaw Center there will be a funeral for Nathan Crowson who was killed by a drunk driver while riding his bike on Perkins. Donations for his daughter are being accepted at Eagle Federal Credit Union, and a blood drive is being held for Danny Morris, a rider who was hit by the same driver, at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. On Saturday at 9:30 we will be meeting at Jubans to ride the bus to OLOL and donate blood for Danny. More information for that event can be found on Facebook here.

The School Board has been interviewing for new superintendents.

We are setting up a meeting with the president of the Baton Rouge chapter of the NAACP.

A couple of Baton Rouge occupiers went to NOLA for their GA last night. Talk was had about a joint action for the anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and about joining forces on the newsletter. Also, they will be holding a Solidarity Economy WG meeting on February 1st at 7:00 pm at Loyola library.

Working Groups:

Newsletter: We got an email from the Advocate saying we are infringing on their trademark. A response was sent saying that we believe our use of the title is protected as parody and while we don’t think it needs to be changed we will add a disclaimer saying that we are not connected with the Advocate. We will start now on finding cafes and stores that would be willing to allow us to leave the papers there for distribution.

Finances: We are meeting Friday morning to set up an Occupy Baton Rouge credit union account.

Spanish Town: Still working on the application.

Art Show: We got a bunch of business cards from artists to ask for participants. We are still waiting on responses from locations and working on finding other possible locations. We want everyone to start spreading the word that we will be looking for art submissions in April.

Student Outreach: We have the application to form an official organization with LSU. We just need one more student to sign on and we are good to go. After that we can have access to rooms on campus.

Occupy the Bus: Together Baton Rouge wants to set up a civic academy to teach Occupy Baton Rouge about the CATS crisis and the upcoming referendum vote to give CATS funding. We will also move toward working on creating bike lanes and sidewalks around Baton Rouge so our streets will be safer. Again, Saturday at 9:30 am at Jubans there will be a bus ride to donate blood for Danny.


Ward is looking for endorsements for three national actions:

1. NOW DC, March 30. (Proposal was accepted.)

2. February 4th day of action against war with Iran. (Proposal withdrawn until more information can be given. Check that information here.)

3. G8 in Chicago protests. (Proposal was accepted.)

Inter-Occupy Women of Occupy Project

January 22, 2012 in InterOccupy by CourtneyHorne

We recently got an email from an inter-occupy group about the role of women in occupy. I thought it would be good to make it available since it contains information on how to get involved with their interoccupy efforts.

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The People’s [Censored]: Issue 1, January 2012

January 22, 2012 in The People's [Censored] by Bryan

This post has been censored by your corporate overlords. Free press you say? Ha!

Edit: The issue is back up. It’s still censored, but all the pertinent information is there. Enjoy.


The People’s [Censored] is a publication produced by participants in Occupy Ba-ton Rouge. The People’s [Censored] does not—and could not—represent any-one except its participants. We are in no way affiliated with the [Censored] or their corporate overlords Capitol City Press. The views of the authors are their own.

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Minutes for the General Assembly on Saturday, 1-21-12

January 21, 2012 in General Assembly by Bryan

On January 21, 2012 Occupy Baton Rouge held our twenty-fifth General Assembly. The minutes follow:

Leann- Facilitator
Chris- Minutes
David – Stack

Obama reject the keystone XL pipeline as proposed
PIPA/SOPA withdrew –Discussion on this issue and further bills
Occupy the Courts occurred yesterday and today
Occupy Portland is shutting down port-noon union labor trying to shut down 80% shipments of grain
OP has an occupier running for mayor
San D. made it to NYC last night, after kicked off from bus for being an Occupy member-bus driver fired

Occupy Vision today during OBR is occurring


Previous Minutes
+Occupy CATS
+Something for the Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster
+Shreveport- Protest against pajama issues
+Discussed news letter

Sophie-Anti Bullying bill
-LGBT-Request help of OBR –proposed on M12

Allen- free radio software, email
Sophie- Getting Mic
Shaun- Starting recording show
OBR Volunteer- Add link to WHRY 96.9-Chemel

CATS issue—Occupy the Bus
J.D. Created Facebook Occupy CATS page
Working group to be created today
Together BR-Agreed to teach OBR about CATS issue
–July is end of CATs-April 21st property tax vote
Kira emailed CATS to inform them they have OBR support-emailed today
Proposed EBRPL for meeting, after a Saturday
Sophie to email together BR and LAPL ideal of 2PM

$ Working Group
Tax ID obtained, just need to take printed minutes to the Credit Union
Need to state who the officers are-Campus Federal Credit Union
After GA today $Working group will meet

Nothing new-getting final edits, will be sent out today

Team Speak test

Allen and J.D to test it out later today

Art Group
Proceeds donated to charity
Trafficking Hope, Ocean Cleanup/Conservation (BP oil spill), youth and art (unknown contact)
Creating call to action flier-Need when/where/charity
Need to create email
Suggestions to take half for charity/OBR-Seems to cover cost at least

Spanish Town
Shaun submitted application to be in SPLL then to get into the Spanish town parade

Gen Announcement
EBRPSS- Superintendant interviews Monday 3:30P
More information coming on the where and settings, will post on FB-

NAACP Monthly Meeting coming up this Monday. It is the fourth Monday of every month at 6:00pm. Sophia has the location information.

Occupy Homes
Gain more information on the OFHs
Anthony 612-327-9453
Will post more information on the Working group page
Allen-Kira-to be added

Town Hall Meeting Questions
Is there anything about capitalism worth keeping?
What kind of system should we have?
Should economy be regulated?
Should the gov provide basic needs of its citizens?
Does change have to be gradual? Can it be sudden?
If we pursuit reform, should the first step be get money out of politics?
Are radicals and reformists at opposition?
Shaun to put it on the FB site for us to take care of individually-Over in 4 days

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Minutes for the General Assembly on Wednesday, 1-18-12

January 18, 2012 in General Assembly by Bryan

On January 7, 2012 Occupy Baton Rouge held our twenty-fourth General Assembly. The minutes follow:

News and Updates:

SOPA blackout Day is today. is blacked out in solidarity.

The Keyston XL Pipeline was denied.

Occupy Congress started yesterday and there were more than 10,000 people in attendance.

Friday is the anniversary of the Citizen’s United decision.

Working Groups:

MLK Day: Changed to Spanishtown Parade working group.

Finance: Got a tax ID, we just need to get to the credit union.

Art Show: We contacted Southern and LSU art professors to advertise that we are looking for art. LSU said they couldn’t do it, Southern asked for more information. No response yet from Bricks and Bombs. We are going to check coffee shops, restaurants, Bricks and Bombs, Stabbed in the Art, and other places to look for a location.

Student Outreach: Officer training is on Sunday, we need three students at least. Wednesday is club orientation day at LSU.

Newsletter: The first draft is ready. We need an estimate for the cost of printing. Start thinking about articles for the next issue.


Someone posted on our Facebook page about a national school walkout day. We need to look further into that.

Equality LA had a conference call on the anti-bullying bill. They are looking at having a rally and lobbying day at the capitol (possibly on March 12th). They are calling their campaign Stop Bullying Louisiana.

CATS will have a vote on the proposed tax to fix their budget shortfalls on April 21st. Together Baton Rouge is holding civic academies to inform the public about the situation.

Anniversary of Fukushima is in March. We should think about a clean energy action for that day. There is a nuclear power plant in St. Francisville.

Anniversary of the BP oil spill is on 4/20. We are looking at having a day of action for that.

LA legislators are coming back soon. We need to be prepared. Perhaps we can invite other occupations from around the state to join us.

The NAACP invited us to their monthly meetings at the MLK Day celebration. They are on the 4th Monday of every month at the MLK Community Center. Check the calendar for times.

A legislator in Shreveport is trying to ban pajamas in public.


A proposal was made to use Occupy Baton Rouge funds to get a button maker. The proposal passed.

After the meeting was adjourned, Sister Allison and Delia from Occupy NOLA came to discuss the upcoming Bridging the Gap Discussion with the League of Women Voters.

News Coverage of MLK day in Baton Rouge

January 17, 2012 in News by CourtneyHorne

Here is some coverage of Martin Luther King Jr Day in Baton Rouge, including the events attended by Occupy Baton Rouge.


The Advocate coverage of the march and service in the morning

Channel 9 Coverage of both marches

WBRZ coverage of Southern march

WBRZ coverage of volunteer event

NBC 33 Coverage of the march and service in the morning 

NBC 33 Coverage of the march at Southern

MLK Day March Photo

January 16, 2012 in Events, Media by CourtneyHorne

The banner for the MLK day march


We participated in the MLK day march organized by the Baton Rouge NAACP. This is the banner we brought. Later today we will be attending a second march at Southern University at 5 pm.

Our Points of Unity: Baton Rouge Press Club

January 16, 2012 in Media by CourtneyHorne

by Bryan

Minutes for the General Assembly on Wednesday, 1-11-12

January 11, 2012 in General Assembly by Bryan

On January 11, 2012 Occupy Baton Rouge held our twenty-second General Assembly. The minutes follow:

Designated Secretary for General Assembly of January 11, 2012: Phillip Waltz


Sophia went to a Together Baton Rouge meeting. A CATs proposal was put through to fix the bus system. Would be done through a property tax. Voting is April 21st. Sophia feels we should advocate for this. In Baton Rouge, we spend about 27 dollars per capita on the bus system as a city. In New Orleans the city spends 200-something per capita on the bus system.

Courtney George went to Jindal’s inauguration. They got a bunch of nasty looks. Some pleasant responses and publicity though. Woot!

Debate with the Tea Party by Fini. Tea Party was against pretty much any regulation. Fini asked Mike Thibodaux how they keep people motivated and Mike said they send out a weekly email to keep members motivated.

MLK day working group meeting today after GA.

Sophia deals with trafficking hope. The punishment for trafficking is UP TO five years in prison. LSU student group “tigers against trafficking exists” to inform people about this issue and fix it. Fundraising gala at shaw center (???).

Working groups

Currently have two articles. Occupy NOLA is starting a magazine called occupy. They are willing to trade articles. If you don’t want to have your article in Occupy NOLA’s magazine, tell Bryan, otherwise he’s just gonna send it to Occupy NOLA’s magazine. Word count less than 800 preferably.

MLK day working group
Sophia needs to call the NAACP about the “People’s Mic.” Dave needs to finish the banners stuff. We have the memorial that needs to be painted by Loko still. We still need the words that will be put on memorial plaque, Loko is working on it. Maybe tie the memorial sign into the CATs crisis. Call to action will be announced at the end of the day, maybe we should emphasize the bus system.

Occupy Artshow
Still need to set up the facebook group. The Violet House might still have artshows. People can start making art. Music could also be there. Maybe bother LSU art students and notify artists of the city. We could put a call out to the artists of the city. Kiera is the coordinator.

Spanish town parade
Feburuary 18th at noon is when the parade is. We gotta pay 25 bucks. Someone has to be a member of the SPLL prior.

Occupy Comic-con
Was added to the calendar. It’s in New Orleans.

Occupy Radioshow
Chris Chemel said they are reviewing the application for a radioshow.

Tea party is planning on crashing amendment 21 part.

Finance committee
We need to type up the minutes of this meeting including the statement that we have approved the creation of a credit union account. Included must be those who will have access to the account. One person needs to obtain tax ID to bring with us as well. Then, we need to fix a time to meet at the credit union to set up the account.

A proposal was made by the working group to give Sophia Kunen, David Kirshner, David McLaughlin, Shaun Hughes, and Bryan Perkins full signing authority for a credit union account in the name of Occupy Baton Rouge. That proposal was passed unanimously. For any withdrawal of $50 or less one signature is needed; for amounts over $50 two signatures will be needed.

Now we need to print and sign the minutes and bring them to the credit union with our tax ID to get this done.

General announcements

Courtney proposed that each working group has a coordinator. The working groups will be individually elected coordinators. Coordinators are responsible for the minutes. Coordinators will delegate tasks and keep tract of whats going on. For each working group the members of the working group can at anytime vote to remove the coordinator of the working group. Whether consensus or majority is needed was not included in the proposal. Thus, the working group coordinator is a completely recallable elected official.

David McLaughlin is not on the finance committee email correspondence. He’s not getting finance committee getting emails.

Sophie is making and spreading sheet of contacts and email lists. We should have a list of contacts and preferred contact method. (dave mclaughlins preferred contact method is email)

T-shirt making on Saturday after the GA.

New person is John. He is interested possibly doing pottery for the Occupy Artshow. He plays guitar and bass, so could be involved in some sort of musical ensemble.