Recap of the General Assembly on Wednesday, 12-28-11

December 28, 2011 in General Assembly by Bryan

On December 28, 2011 Occupy Baton Rouge held our eighteenth General Assembly.

We started with news updates.

The NDAA is in line to be signed by the president. It looks like he has no objections, even with the indefinite detention of US citizens sections still in the bill.

A short-term agreement was made on the payroll tax cut extension which gives the president 60 days to make a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Next we moved to Working Group updates.

The MLK Day Working Group is still searching for the organizers of the MLK Day march in Baton Rouge. We are planning on contacting Betty Claiborne, as she organized last year’s event. The group also wants to make shirts to wear to the event and to hand out to interested parties. For the shirts we will need more paint, stencils, and blank shirts.

The Radio Show Working Group has submitted the application to Baton Rouge Community Radio and we are simply waiting on a reply.

Finally, we moved to announcements.

Occupy Baton Rouge’s points of unity were given to the president of the Louisiana AFL-CIO, Richard Lloyd, and he said he agrees with all of them. Also, we have been in contact with the Louisiana AFL-CIO’s Vice President and he has invited us to attend the monthly union meetings.

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