Minutes for the General Assembly on Wednesday, 12-21-11

December 21, 2011 in General Assembly by Bryan

On December 21, 2011 Occupy Baton Rouge held our seventeenth General Assembly.

The General Assembly was facilitated by Courtney G., with Jason S. taking stack and David M. taking minutes.


Student outreach working group
Officer training is needed for the LSU student group. In order to become an official LSU student group officers are needed, and these officers have to attend a training session. There is a facebook page for Occupy LSU, Conor is working on this.

Radio working group
Meeting Thursday. Interview at 6:00pm at Chelseas.

Finance committee
We still need a tax I.D. Dave Kirshner needs a tax I.D. in order to have a bank account in the name of OccupyBR. That way we can have a way for people to donate to OccupyBR on the website. A tax I.D. has to be gotten under the auspices of a company or corporation. The form lists several possibilities, one of the options is a limited liability corporation, and over this we are consulting with a lawyer. David Brown is a lawyer who has been to the GA meetings. There has to be one person who is liable. We should look into what Occupy Wallstreet done.

Newsletter working group
Possibly have other occupations from around the country contribute.

Working group for encampment
They are getting a list of houses in north Baton Rouge that are being foreclosed on. They are gonna try and get outside support, set a date, and occupy some homes.

MLK day
MLK day is gonna be based around the march. The march is starting at Mount Zion and probably ending at the First United Methodist church. We could possibly use the People’s Mic for MLK speeches. Another idea was having a large piece of paper with people’s dreams on it (playing off MLK’s “I have a dream” speech). We are also having a community service day. Other ideas that were brought up were an occupy puppet show, facepainting, or henna for kids.


Tuesday people talked about meeting to work on the theme song for the radio show. David Kirchner and Courtney are interested. Keyboards, guitar, and piano are available.

T-shirts. We need to make t-shirts prior to MLK day. Vicki has the stencils and all the paints put messages on the shirts. We could eventually sell the t-shirts. Dave McL, Courtney, Timothy, Collin, and Jason are interested in painting shirts. Dave McL is gonna think about designs. A meeting time needs to be made. People could possible make their own t-shirts. Mylar stencils are more durable than cardboard. Info about this will be mailed out to the list-serve.

The state legislature convenes Monday Jan. 9th. You’re supposed to be able to go to the state legislature when they’re in session. OccupyBR could possibly go and ask questions, pester representatives, or just sit in on the sessions.