Minutes for the General Assembly on Saturday, 12-17-11

December 17, 2011 in General Assembly by Bryan

On December 17, 2011 Occupy Baton Rouge held our sixteenth General Assembly.

The minutes were taken by David M.


NDAA bill will soon be signed by Obama. This allows the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. Half a trillion got approved for the military. Last week a bunch of people called the Whitehouse in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline. 350.org has info about the Keystone pipeline. It hasn’t been passed yet though. It’s the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of the Arab spring. G8 this May in Chicago. April 1st is first meeting of Occupy Washington D.C. in freedom plaza. Bradley Manning’s trial started this week. Iraq war “officially” ended this past week. President of Greater Baton Rouge AFL-CIO was asking Jindal to support the extension of payroll benefits.


-Nathan is going to contact the AFL-CIO president of Greater Baton Rouge.

-We are going to continue with the Occupy logistics meeting group. They are meeting Monday at 7pm at Garden District Coffee on Perkins.

-We started the Shock Doctrine study group. Next meeting ins jan 9 at 7pm. Get in contact with Bryan if you want more info.

-Thursday we had a radio group meeting. They discussed ideas and sent off a proposal to local radio stations. It’s called “The People’s Mic”. The plan is to have a 5 to 10 minute recording and send it in. There is info on the facebook working group about how to get in involved in the radio show. We plan on getting guest speakers and politicians and other things related to Baton Rouge. This is a good way to be involved in the community.

-For the finance committee, some want to revive it. We need to get an IRS number and a bank account. The bank needs meeting minutes. Sean volunteered to be 4th member of the finance committee, proposal accepted. Finance crew will discuss when to meet later.

-Proposal for an electronic and paper newsletter with a mailing list to send it out. Bryan, Bruce, Chris and Jason are interested in working on this. Probably setup another facebook working group. Anyone can drop off information for this newsletters. Probably will be done through google groups.

-Occupy_BRlive is a twitter feed that livetweets the General Assemblies

-Courtney brought up doing something mardi gras related. The crew of mutts is a cheap way to get involved.

-We also talked about doing something for Martin Luther King day. Jason works in the governor’s office so he can bring in information about volunteer. There is a Spanish town parade that is somewhat political. SPanishtownparade.com

-Myriah volunteered to investigate the Spanish town parades. Between florida and north street on foster dr there is a meeting place we can go to.

-Courtney thinks we should start a working group for the Martin Luther King day (committee). David, Courtney, Jay, mryi,ah lee ann, sophi, Collin, ramalus, Jason, Courtney, sean, josh, fini, Bryan, chris, and Nathan are interested in this. There is an MLK day parade. Also there is MLK volunteer stuff. Sean thinks we should have up to 1000 flyers for MLK day. Dave and Sean can get flyers and print stuff. Chris thinks we should have a 16th point of unity, but the idea was tabled for later.

-Copies of the points of unity of Occupy BR. Dave and Sean can print-off flyers.

-Japheth and Fini are gonna work on the wording for the 16th point of unity. This one has to do with erosion of freedoms/ bill of rights.

-Courtney is making a FB page for MLK day.

-Courtney has a really long paper rollup canvas for large signs.

-Newcomer suggests street art and art installations to get people to notice Occupy BR. We could to a sculpture. Drawing on street walks. Chalking. Hip-hop movements. Radical arts. Courtney suggests crochet or knit stuff to go over trees or light poles. Collin suggests maybe going to free speech alley. Or going to the mall.

-Link subgroups on facebook (working groups) to main group on facebook

-Sophia suggested an Occupy Artshow. Maybe use it as a fundraiser. Bruce thinks maybe have guerilla theatre, skit and performing arts, musical performances. Proposal for Occupy Artshow was accepted. Myri, Sophi, Courtney kira, Bruce, Minjie, Jayfth, and Sean. Sophia doing FB page for it.

-Title for radio show is “People’s Mic”

MLK day committee
Tuesday at 7:00pm at Bruces house. 474 North foster Dr. 70806 bruce’s address. Indepent living incorporate. On north foster between florida and north st. Right after the tire place. MLK day stuff first.

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