Recap of the General Assembly on Wednesday, 12-7-11

December 7, 2011 in General Assembly by Bryan

On December 7, 2011 Occupy Baton Rouge held our fourteenth General Assembly.

The General Assembly was facilitated by Chris, with Vicki taking stack. A copy of the full minutes, taken by Masa, can be found here.

We began with news about the Occupy movement around the world. Occupy San Francisco was evicted on Wednesday with 70 people being arrested. Also on Wednesday, Occupy Portland reoccupied after an eviction. On December 12th, Occupy movements from around the west coast plan on shutting down all ports. New York may be trying a similar demonstration on the same day.

After two months of continuous encampment, New Orleans was evicted with one arrest. Shortly thereafter they were granted a temporary injunction for one week on the conditions that they provide their own port-a-potties and put down a $5,000 bond to cover possible damages.

Participants in Occupy Dallas have announced that they are creating the COAPT to monitor police actions, doing the duty of internal affairs. And several Occupations around the country, including Occupy New Orleans, have started disrupting foreclosure auctions and occupying foreclosed homes to help protect families’ houses.

Finally, the United Nations envoy for freedom of expression is drafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to know why federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy demonstrators whose protests are being disbanded — sometimes violently — by local authorities.

After Occupy News, we moved to announcements concerning Occupy Baton Rouge.

On this Saturday, December 10th, we are holding our Alternative Day of Action in celebration of Human Rights Day. We will start at noon in State Capitol Park under the statue of Huey P. Long. There is a sister event, Occupy the Coast Guard, happening in Mobile, Alabama from nine to noon. Both events will bring to light the health issues and human rights violations going down in the Gulf at present, among other human rights issues around the state and around the world. Organizers and supporting organizations for the events include Occupy Baton Rouge, Occupy Fairhope, Occupy Mobile, Operation People for Peace, Gulf Change, and the Alabama Oil Spill Aftermath Coalition, among others. Please share with all of your friends, invite everyone, and attend.

After announcements we proposed and passed a tentative agenda for the Alternative Day of Action. Remember, this is a flexible agenda, it can be changed at any time, including the day of the event. If you want to add something to the agenda, or contribute to an already planned event, feel free to bring it up on the day of the event or email your idea to The current draft of the agenda is as follows:

1. Welcome. Reading and approval of the agenda.
2. Reading of the Occupy Baton Rouge Points of Unity.
3. Soap-boxing.
4. Huey P. Long’s “Share the Wealth” speech using the people’s mic.
5. Discussion on the ongoing atrocities caused by the Gulf Oil Spill.
6. Sign making, shirt painting, and snack time. (Bring a blank shirt and some food to share.)
7. Discussion on SOPA and the IP Act.
8. Discussion on the National Defense Authorization Act.
9. Discussion on the crisis that the CATS system is facing.
10. Funeral march for the human rights that are dying around the world.
11. Soap-boxing.
12. Discussion on ENDA and the proposed anti-bullying law.
13. Discussion on the Equal Pay for Women Act and the ERA.
14. Discussion on Human Trafficking.
15. Reading of Obama’s speech about Tahrir Square using the people’s mic.
16. International issues and lagniappe issues.
17. General Assembly.
18. Candlelight reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
19. Clean up.

After the agenda was approved, a proposal was made to print leaflets for the event on Saturday. We will be printing 100 leaflets with information pertinent to the discussions in the agenda, and we will print flyers with the Occupy Baton Rouge points of unity and General Assembly schedule.

Next, the proposal was made to make Saturday a pot-luck event. People have volunteered to bring vegan jambalaya, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot chocolate, and coffee. If you can bring anything, please do, the more the merrier. We also need some folding tables, so bring one if you have one.

Chris presented the work that he has completed toward procuring a radio show on Baton Rouge Community Radio, WHYR 96.9. That information can be found through this link. A Radio Show Working Group meeting will be scheduled soon, so stay tuned to the website, the Facebook group, and your email account to stay updated.

Finally, a meeting was scheduled for Thursday, December 8th at 7:00 PM at Highland Coffees to continue preparing for Saturday’s event.

After the General Assembly we headed over to Chelsea’s café for the Tacky Sweater Soiree in support of Baton Rouge Community Radio.

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