Minutes for the General Assembly on Wednesday, 11-23-11

November 23, 2011 in General Assembly by Sophie

General Assembly #9
Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Minutes taken by Sophie Kunen

I. OBR Credit Union Account:
     A. Two Requirements for Establishment
          1. Tax ID number: Register at the IRS website: http://www.irs.gov/ *
          2. Minutes of meeting to authorize:
               a. Establishment of bank account: Approved
               b. Utilizers/those with access to the account: Approved
                    i. David Kirshner
                    ii. Sophia Kunen
                    iii. Stephanie Long
                    iv. Bryan Perkins
               c. Restriction of Access: Approved
                    i. Two or more persons are needed to sign if a withdrawal is more than $50.
     B. Current funds: $478
     C. Donations? Go to https://www.wepay.com/xrlffa

II. Encampment Logistics Working Group
     A. Update: Sophie Kunen and Bryan Perkins had an impromptu meeting with attorney Yigal Bander who donated
        equipment, gave legal advice, and contacted:
          1. Justin Harrison, ACLU Foundation of Louisiana Staff Attorney
          2. Bill Spikes, President/CEO of Ace Bail Bonds Consultants
     B. The Encampment will no longer begin on Black Friday for the following reasons:
          1. Permit was denied on the following grounds:
               a. “The area being requested (and all Capitol Park grounds) are not equipped for overnight
                  camping of any type.”
               b. “This activity would require a security presence that our Department of Public Safety is not
                  staffed or equipped to provide the necessary manpower.”
          2. All of our legal counsel is out of town for the holiday weekend.
          3. Courts will be slow because of the holiday weekend and anyone arrested could be in jail for 3 days.
          4. There is still no bail fund.
     C. Resolution: To hold a General Assembly at Arsenal Park on Black Friday to discuss our next moves.
     D. Research is needed on the following:
          1. Legal definition of “camping”*
          2. Legal camping of the film industry*
          3. Legal camping of State Representatives during Road Home conflicts*:
               a. Contact State Rep. Charmaine Marchand-Stiaes, D-New Orleans*

*Means that someone needs to be actively working on these agenda points. Can YOU do it?

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