Recap of the General Assembly on Wednesday, 11-16-11

November 16, 2011 in General Assembly by Bryan

On November 16, 2011 Occupy Baton Rouge held our seventh General Assembly.

The Encampment Logistics Working Group announced that they have set up a schedule leading up to the November 25th occupation.

Occupy Baton Rouge Black Friday Pelican

On November 17th they will print four-sheet flyers advertising the occupation and the website.

On November 18th we will all meet at Mid City Bikes at 6:30 pm where we will have the flyers to distribute at White Night Light.

On November 19th, after the General Assembly, we will go into Spanish Town to meet the neighbors and gauge their reaction to the imminent occupation. After that, we will start painting banners. Attend the General Assembly or contact for the time and location of the banner painting.

On November 20th we will drop the banners.

On November 21st the Encampment Logistics Working Group will have their next meeting.

On November 23rd we will pass out more flyers advertising the encampment.

On November 25th, Black Friday, the occupation begins.

The Women’s Issues Working Group announced that they are merging with the Outreach Working Group until further notice. The next meeting for the Outreach Working Group, to coordinate flyer hangings and future outreach events, is on Wednesday, November 23 at 4:30 pm at Schlittz & Giggles.

The Women’s Issues/Outreach Working Group also announced that Louisiana Representative Barbara Norton has reintroduced the Equal Pay for Women Act (HB320), which makes the policy of Louisiana, “through the exercise of its police power to correct and, as rapidly as possible, to eliminate discriminatory wage practices based on sex.” The General Assembly agreed that we should contact Rep. Norton and other Louisiana legislators, particularly the House Labor and Industrial Relations Committee, in support of the act, and that we should research other pieces of legislation that we can support to announce at future General Assemblies.

After the Working Group announcements, Nathan congratulated Sophie on her appearance in the Advocate for a speech she gave at Together Baton Rouge’s lunch meeting asking several City Council members to help find funding for Baton Rouge’s public transit system. The General Assembly agreed that everyone should try to find similar causes, which are in line with Occupy Baton Rouge’s values, supported by activist groups around Baton Rouge so we can show our support for the community and spread the word about our movement at the same time.

David announced that he has been in contact with the State Office of Buildings and Grounds working toward getting a permit for the initial encampment. He said that there are a few things we can do to make our application for the permit more attractive, such as renting port-a-potties, having insurance, and setting a time limit for the encampment on the permit application.

Finally, we have an unofficial Working Group that is setting up interviews about Occupy Baton Rouge with Baton Rouge Community Radio, The Jim Engster Show, KLSU, and WBRZ. If anyone is interested in initiating an interview, or being interviewed, contact